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This popsicle stand is


...because if I called you "friends", you'd probably sic the cops on me or something.

  • Comment to be added.

  • All comments on this post will be screened.

  • This is as much for your privacy as for mine.

  • Yes, you probably do know me.

  • A little bar in Tahiti.

  • Or maybe it was Chinatown.

  • No, I am not the father of your child.

  • I'm not his mother, either.

  • Her mother. Sorry.

  • Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball.

  • Kon is Love.

  • Do not bend, crinkle, or otherwise mutilate this journal.

  • What is said in this journal, stays in this journal.

  • Even the really crappy grammar and spelling.

  • It's kind of like Las Vegas that way.

  • Feel free to get married by Elvis or some shit like that.

  • People who copy and paste filtered entries will make Orihime cry.

  • And then Tatsuki will beat you up.

  • Or maybe a bunch of flower-themed fairies.

  • Kinda depends on where in the series you are.

  • Bouncy bouncy bouncy does anybody read these things anyway?

  • No, I'm not stalking you.

  • I'm serious about that one.

  • Please don't hit me! I have a clotting disorder! And a rare bloodtype! And spongy flesh!
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